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5 floor apartment building
5 floor apartment building

5 floor apartment building

Helmou street, Neo Iraklio

Design period: 11/2000 - 02/2001
Construction period: 04/2001 – 05/2002
Site area: 437, 58 m²
Total floor area: 950, 00 m²
Total volume: 2.850, 00 m³
Proprietary status: building owned and sold by our architectural practice

The design approach used for the planning of
each apartment is its functional grouping
into three units: living,
bedrooms/bathrooms, and vertical
circulation (common
stairwell-elevator). In
plan, the two main units (living and
bedrooms) are of rectangular shapes, within
which the circular core of the vertical
circulation is interposed.

In 3D terms, the three part organisation of
the plan is composed of two rectangular
parallelepipeds and a cylinder. In that
way, the elevations are divided in zones.
The impression of the vertical axis of
these geometrical shapes is amplified by
the altitudinal repetition of balconies
and windows on the front elevation. The
side elevation is “divided” into two
vertical zones: the solid and the one of the

repeated balconies.

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