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4 floor apartment building on pilotis
4 floor apartment building on pilotis

4 floor apartment building on pilotis

Istrou & Komanon streets, Athens

Design period: 07/2006 – 01/2007
Construction period: 01/2007 – 10/2007
Site area: 186, 43 m²
Total floor area: 472, 38 m²
Total volume: 1.534, 39 m³
Proprietary status: building owned and sold by our architectural practice

The site is situated in a dense part of the
city, at the intersection of two narrow
streets on a slope. At the back of the
property there is a small park. On each of
the first two floors there are two
apartments, one small (one bedroom) and one
larger (two bedroom). The third and fourth
floors each have one two bedroom apartment and
are in recess from the street, thus creating
large terraces. Despite the

proximity of the buildings around, we
managed to strategically locate large
openings towards the view, taking into
consideration the privacy of each apartment.
Right at the corner of the building, where
the streets meet, instead of solid walls,
we chose to use two large glass doors which
create a transparent edge, opening up to
balconies with an extremely advantageous
view overlooking the city below.

Due to the area’s density and the need for
outdoor privacy on all floors, the
overall volumetric composition comprises -
cut away from the main volume - slab covered
open air sitting rooms, protruding
balconies and stepped terraces in
satisfying dimensions that give the
impression of being in a protected
courtyard. The careful positioning of
openings along a north–south axis

amplifies cross ventilation in every
apartment. Furthermore by treating the window
openings in this way we provide the
inhabitant with an outlook towards the park
or its counterpart, the city view.

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