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6 floor apartment building on pilotis
6 floor apartment building on pilotis

6 floor apartment building on pilotis

Dorileou street, Nea Ionia

Design period: 06/2002 – 10/2002
Construction period: 10/2002 – 05/2003
Site area: 261, 66 m²
Total floor area: 736, 89 m²
Total volume: 2.262, 65 m³
Proprietary status: building owned and sold by our architectural practice

The almost identically sized apartments of
this building formed the same outline from
top to bottom. We tried to provide
morphological interest by featuring the
“skin” i.e. the floating space created
between the cantilevered balconies and the
“core” of the building. In order to
achieve this we elaborated the volume by
modifying the outline of the balconies.
Furthermore the choice of materials such as

exposed concrete, iron and glass, helped to
differentiate the forms on the elevation.
At the same time, we ensured that the outdoor
spaces were comfortable and almost square in
plan, so that they could be used as a
furnished lounge area during the summer
period. The building consists of six
floors, each one with an apartment of 90 m²,
except for the sixth floor, which is 60
m². Further modulation of the elevation

layers, thus giving depth, was achieved by
the application of three high-intensity
colours at specified planes on the
foreground: red for the cantilevered balcony
ceilings, olive green for any volumes in
recession and black for all ironwork.
These vibrant colours create a strong
antithesis with the colour white, the
background surface of the building.

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