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6 house complex with 2 basements
6 house complex with 2 basements
6 house complex with 2 basements

6 house complex with 2 basements

Kekropos street, Marousi

Design period: 09/2004 – 04/2005
Construction period: 04/2005 – 01/2007
Site area: 938, 60 m²
Total floor area: 1.366, 01 m²
Total volume: 4.356, 75 m³
Proprietary status: building owned and sold by our architectural practice

The site is rather small for its
respective built surface area. Our aim was
to keep as much space as possible for
greenery, despite this density. The
complex consists of six dwellings: four
maisonettes with exclusive gardens; two
apartments with rooftop gardens. The two north
maisonettes are deployed on two levels;
whereas the two south maisonettes on three.
The latter are equipped with private

elevators. The two apartments have been laid
out above each maisonette pair. The
difference in altitude of the apartments
along the north-south axis, secures the
privacy of their roof-gardens. The storage
rooms and the mechanical installations are
located in the first basement, whereas the
second basement is used exclusively for
parking. Provision has been made against
overheating by sun protection passive systems

and natural cross ventilation.
Electrically operated exterior blinds or
louvers can be installed in the south
facing maisonettes with their double
height living spaces.

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