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Pair of houses
Pair of houses

Pair of houses

Ispilanti street, Peanina - Attiki

Design period: 11/2005 – 04/2006
Site area: 418, 76 m²
Total floor area: 439, 26 m²
Total volume: 1.272, 35 m³
Proprietary status: private project

This project was designed in order to meet
the current and the forthcoming needs of the
owners. It is the main house of a family
with one child. The brief required two art
studios and the possibility of the future
separation of the house into two independent
parts, thus creating two properties. In
order to achieve this we split the volume
into two buildings, with an atrium in
between. Initially the parents

will inhabit the larger house; the small
one will accommodate the son and the two art
studios. The parents’ house is fairly
straight-forward in arrangement, with
living spaces on the ground floor, bedrooms
on the first, and auxiliary spaces in the
basement. The smaller building is more
versatile, with a sound recording studio
in the basement, together with a small
flat located on the ground floor, both

intended for the son. Furthermore, on the
double-height first floor a north
clerestory-lit painting and display
workshop is situated, with office space at
a mezzanine level, for the mother. It has
been taken into consideration that, in the
future, the son will move to the big
house, and the small building will be
converted into a maisonette for the parents.

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