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6 summer houses equipped with pools
6 summer houses equipped with pools

6 summer houses equipped with pools

Kilini beach, county of Ilia, Peloponnesus

Design period: 06/2009 –
Construction period: -
Site area: 18.128, 00 m²
Total floor area: 700, 00 m²
Total volume: 2.450, 00 m³
Proprietary status: site acquired by our architectural practice

The aim is the “nativeness” of the
dwellings. They must relate to the natural
environment and not give the impression of
maisonettes such as could be found in a
typical Greek city suburb.  The initial
design stage, where the drafting of the
design parameters and the creation of the
brief is taking place, also includes the
research of the local traditional
architecture and building techniques and

how they can “evolve” into something fresh,
without losing their character. Attention
must be paid to the materials, which have
to be mainly local and must be used in
their natural crude form. Furthermore,
consideration will be given to the
natural cooling of the spaces, in order to
avoid air conditioning. During
the design process the following parameters
will also be taken into consideration:

orientation, access, privacy, views
(specifically that of the sea), the
relationship between built form and the
surrounding natural environment, the
perception of the pools not as a high tech
intervention but as a natural occurrence,
planting of native species, etc.

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