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Private house
Private house

Private house

Iparchou & Aristogitonos street, Kantza - Attiki

Design period: 06/2005 – 10/2005
Construction period: 10/2005 – 03/2007
Site area: 272, 50 m²
Total floor area: 320, 00 m²
Total volume: 1.016, 73 m³
Proprietary status: private project

This is a typical example of a house with
an L-shaped plan. The building layout was
designed in order for the main rooms to have
a south orientation. The garden and the
south-facing roofed open-air areas constitute
elements of the ‘passive’ treatment of the
house and are characteristics of an
environmentally-conscious building. The
glass doors of the living room openings
slide into the walls, giving the

impression of a summer pavilion. The
layout comprises three floors in order to
achieve a greater altitude and eventually
to become a reference point at the corner of
the block, at the same time stressing the
vertical axis at the intersection of the
streets. On the ground floor, living areas
have been arranged; on the first floor, three
bedrooms and their respective bathrooms are
allocated; on the second floor, the floor

area is reduced in size to a single room,
used as a study or a guest room, dominating
the corner of the building block,
recalling a formalised turret; auxiliary
spaces can be found at the basement.

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