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Pair of houses
Pair of houses

Pair of houses

Anahoriton street, Anixi - Attiki

Design period: 11/2005 – 07/2006
Site area: 1.013, 93 m²
Total floor area: 500, 00 m²
Total volume: 4.500, 00 m³
Proprietary status: private project

This project is located on a site with a
steep slope to the south and a panoramic view
of a forest. The houses belong to two
brothers and their families. Because the
site can only be accessed from the highest
point of the property, at the north, the
houses were designed with the sitting rooms
in the dominant position over the view,
seemingly on the first floor when looking
from the south, but on ground level when

entering the property at the north.
The sitting rooms open onto a large
terrace, leading to a pool along the full
width of the south side of both houses.
Although there is no direct access to the
garden, from this level (as is customary
in suburbia), this is offset by the
unique picture of the ‘floating’ water as an
intermediate element between the terrace and
the adjacent forest, all positioned at eye

level. The south-facing bedrooms are
accessed from the garden at the lower part of
the property. These too overlook the sloping
garden in the foreground and the forest in
the distance.

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