C Paraschos Architectural & Integrated Environmental Design - Construction

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Our architectural philosophy is human orientated. People living in cities seek to lead a harmonious co-existence in and around their homes.  With this in mind, the main parameter in the design of our assigned projects is the relationship between people and built environment; the need for balance between the private and the public areas, and the transitory area between the two. The obstacles and contradictions of modern life present a challenge which architecture and environmental science accept and to which they provide alternative solutions.  
Given the local climate of each region, we create microclimates of healthy and comfortable living for all seasons.  We reduce the idle energy consumption by taking into consideration the orientation of buildings, the proper insulation, ventilation, natural lighting and the application of sustainable passive and active systems.

We follow this philosophy in choosing the construction materials, which besides their aesthetic quality and structural integrity, aim to be compatible with an environmentally friendly technology.

Furthermore, the functionality and the end aesthetical result of each building are as crucial to us as their energy behaviour. Our intention is the balance of the structure as an entity with its relationship to the existing built environment. The volume treatment of each building we create relates to the illustration of the functionality and the manageability of the plans on its facade. By adopting this synthetic approach, we avoid those pompous design gestures that have no logical meaning and theoretical background.  We actively support the effort for a lifestyle which is closer to the essential human needs and values.